Improve your business through organizational design

Whether you are just starting your business and need help to define for the first time how activities such as task allocation, coordination and supervision need to be set up to achieve the organizations' aims, or you want review your organizational structure and understand how people view the organization and how changes might positively affect your business; SHOD'is offers organizational design services that provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to organizational improvement that touch all aspects of organizational life. The process focuses on improving both the technical and people side of business. SHOD'is does not only advise by following a consulting methodology; it also does the work with you to guarantee sustainability, with "in-sourcing" possibilities.

Systems architecture: people, sytems, competences, needs, sustainability

In today's fast moving technical world it is difficult to define and put in place the adequate systems architecture that serves your business management. SHOD'is understands the systems available, but more importantly it understands how your business works! It offers therefore a systems architecture review and implementation service that makes sure it serves your needs and not the amazing possibilities of every new business software. Technology and human worklows working for the business.

Coaching & Mediation : working with Savoir-Etre & Savoir-Faire

The people composing SHOD'is have had multiple experiences in different contexts giving them the ability to accompany people or groups of people through specific situations. SHOD'is offers coaching and mediation services in a large array of situations; whether it is to act as an impartial party through mediation, support an individual's growth through mentoring and support sessions, develop a group's sense of teamwork.

Looking for board representation & Risk Analysis

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an investor, you are searching for competent and professional representation on your board to drive your business in the right direction. SHOD'is offers board representation services with a specific profile of people that present a broad specter of competences and insight. Alongside specialists, SHOD'is believes in the need for generalists that can contribute on all subjects and offer a big picture vision.


SHOD'is was created in 2016. It is composed of experienced professionals wanting to connect, share their experience and continue to learn through interesting projects. All members play an active role in running companies or organizations. Altogether, they have held management positions in larger organizations, have experience with entrepreneurial projects, have worked in several industries and in different countries. They have experience in both business and non-for-profit environments. With SHOD'is they provide their expertise the targeted projects.


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